A proudly South African sports clothing brand Brave Phoenix was launched in 2013. As a brand it was born out of a love for running and the ability of the human spirit to overcome anything. Name Brave Phoenix was inspired by the mythical firebird which died in the flames and is then reborn from the ashes, just because he was aiming to stay strong and young forever. The symbolism of rising from whatever condition/situation you have in life is the cornerstone message of the Brave Phoenix brand. The extra bright orange red colour is the company corporate colour and represents the fire and life blood in our veins that brings energy and life.

“Live, Run, Rise.” This is our motto, which encourages people to find the power and strength to take that first step. We believe that every woman, every man of every age or person with any form of physical ability is able to find the power to change the boring every-day-routine and start a new healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to bring high quality sports clothing with a message so their goals and dreams are achieved easier.